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Who are the Winners and Losers in Recent Tax Changes for Landlords?
2015 saw a double-whammy of tax changes for landlords and investors in buy-to-let properties. But who gains and who loses from these changes, and why? Click here to read more.

Is the replacement of the wear and tear allowance good for landlords?
Almost half of UK landlords will be affected by the government likely replacing the existing wear and tear allowance with a tax relief system from April 2016 onwards, according to research for the National Landlords Association (NLA). Click here to read more.

Landlords tasked by government to monitor illegal immigrants 
As if landlords don’t already have enough on their plates, they are soon to be responsible for carrying out initial and subsequent periodic immigration checks on their tenants, under the ‘Right to Rent’ code of practice championed by the government. Click here to read more.

Landlords: do you really know your tenants? 
In the residential property lettings industry, it’s not uncommon to hear horror stories surrounding so-called tenants from hell. Making bad decisions over whom to let their cherished properties out to can result in landlords facing sizeable clean-ups, legal bills and the financial pain of having to restore a property back to its formerly admirable state. Click here to read more.

The true costs of being a landlord 
During our journey as a professional residential lettings management company we have worked with a wide range of different landlords, from those renting out an individual property they inherited, to investors with a portfolio of property lets. Click here to read more.

Liverpool’s Landlord Licensing Scheme Won’t Identify Crooks, Says RLA 
Although some have labelled it a governmental taxation ploy targeting landlords, there’s no denying that some good intentions form the backbone of the Landlord Licensing Scheme that came into effect across the Liverpool region on April 1st 2015. Click here to read more.

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