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So, you think you’ve mastered the art of letting properties?

With every tenant you place and every lease you renew, you grow more confident in your prowess as a confident, caring and capable landlord. 

But are you one of the best landlords in Runcorn? 

I’ve put together a quick quiz to help you find out.

Let’s get started.


Do you regularly update your properties?

A. Of course! I make sure everything’s in top shape.

B. When I remember.

C. Not unless something breaks.

D. I leave that to my letting agent.


How would you handle a late rent payment?

A. Discuss a repayment plan.

B. Issue a late fee.

C. Eviction notice right away.

D. Consult my letting agent for the best course of action.


What’s your go-to marketing strategy?

A. Social media & online platforms

B. Traditional newspapers

C. A sign in the window

D. I let my experienced letting agent handle it.


How quick are you to respond to repair requests?

A. Within 24 hours.

B. Within a week.

C. Whenever I can.

D. My letting agent responds promptly for me.


What do you value most in a tenant?

A. Reliability and communication.

B. Ability to pay the highest rent.

C. Lack of complaints.

D. Whatever qualities my letting agent recommends based on their experience and knowledge.


Scores on the doors:

Tally your answers and find out if you are among the best landlords in Runcorn.

Mostly As: Congratulations, you’re a model landlord. You’ve got the perfect mix of attentiveness, professionalism and knowledge.

Mostly Bs: You’re doing well but there’s room for improvement. Consider brushing up on best practices.

Mostly Cs: You may want to revisit your approach to being a landlord. Your tenants and your bottom line will thank you for it.

Mostly Ds: Smart move! You understand the value of a trusted, ethical letting agent in managing properties successfully.

Whether you’re an old hand at this or relatively new to being a landlord, there’s always something fresh to learn. 

And remember, being a great landlord isn’t just about you—it’s about providing an excellent experience for your tenants, too. 

If you’re a ‘Mostly Ds’ kind of landlord, it seems you’ve already got that in the bag.

If you’re looking for any lettings advice, contact me today.