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Landlords are often portrayed as Grinch-like characters.

Devoid of fun, lacking humanity and relentlessly greedy.

In my experience, working with dozens of landlords across Runcorn, this Scrooge stereotype simply isn’t true.

In fact, I often get contacted by generous landlords seeking ideas to spread a little Christmas cheer to their tenants.

So, with that in mind, ho, ho, how’s this for five little things that can make a big difference when it comes to building goodwill and rapport?

1. Personalised simplicity

A handwritten Christmas card can go a long way. Tailor each message to show you know and value your tenants. It’s the thought that counts, and this personal touch gets remembered.

2. Feelgood festive treats

Everybody loves a goody bag – especially at Christmas. Assemble small bags of seasonal treats like chocolates, biscuits or even a small Christmas ornament. It’s a sweet gesture that brightens your tenant’s day, making them feel good and showing you value them.

3. Seasonal upgrades

Consider minor seasonal upgrades to the property – a new doormat or improved lighting for these darker months. It may be your investment / property, but it’s worth remembering it’s also your tenant’s home.

4. A winter warmer

Offer a winter maintenance check-up, ensuring heating systems run efficiently and the property is weather-proof. It’s a practical ‘gift’ demonstrating your commitment to your tenant’s comfort.

5. Recognition of loyalty

Acknowledge long-term tenants with a token of appreciation for their loyalty, such as a local coffee shop / restaurant / gift shop voucher. It recognises their tenure and supports local businesses – a double dose of festive goodwill.

A little Christmas cheer from landlords can make a big impact. 

Whether it’s a personal card, a festive treat, thoughtful property upgrades, a timely maintenance check or a heartfelt token of appreciation, these gestures build goodwill and show tenants they’re valued.

Contact me today to find out how I help landlords find and keep great tenants throughout the year.